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provides legal services in the area of real estate and corporate law


We provide legal services in the area of real estate and corporate law. We especially handle all real estate transactions and resolve all legal disputes regarding real estate and corporate issues.

We provide high-quality and cost-effective legal services with the primary emphasis on our client’s specific needs.

Real estateCorporate law

What we do

Real estate law

Sale and purchase of real estate

The sale and purchase of real estate involves significant risks and requires experienced advisors able to pinpoint the high-risk areas and prepare appropriate solutions. Our lawyers provide the following services:

  • drafting and negotiations of sale and purchase agreements

  • legal opinions and analyses

  • due diligence

  • advice on the process of financing

  • arranging escrow

Commercial leases

We represent tenants, landlords and property managers in all types of leases, including retail and office leases, leases of business centres, leases of industrial and warehouse premises, medical facilities and land plots.

Our services include:

  • drafting and negotiations of lease and sub-lease agreements

  • assistance with due diligence and analyses of the leased real estate

  • preparation of form leases and amendment of form leasings

  • preparation of letters and requests to tenants

  • advice in relation to real estate evictions

Real estate development

Our services regarding new real estate developments, modernizations or reconstructions include:

  • negotiations of documents

  • amendments and enforcement of agreements with developers and contractors

  • drafting of agreements between owners, architects, civil engineers, general contractors and sub-contractors

Real estate financing

We represent debtors and creditors in a variety of negotiations in the area of financing, including real estate acquisition loans, building and construction loans, takeovers and permanent financing, and back-to-back loans of the sellers.

Our services include:

  • negotiations and drafting of loan documentation

  • preparation of bills of exchange, guaranty agreements, security agreements, guarantees, security for leasing

  • reviews and analyses of ownership rights and acquisition titles

  • representation of clients in obtaining, restructuring and amending loans

Real estate management

We represent the owners and management companies in the operation and administration of real estate.

Our services include:

  • negotiations and drafting of administration agreements

  • interpretation and enforcement of lease agreements

  • representation in disputes over the maintenance of common areas

Easements and other encumbrances

We represent land owners and other interested parties in granting and restricting rights to real estate.

Our services include:

  • preparation and drafting of agreements

  • creation of easements

  • drafting agreements between co-owners and neighbours

Real estate lease and leasing

We represent landlords and developers, as well as tenants, in all areas of law applicable to landlords and tenants.

We provide our clients with the following services:

  • eviction of tenants

  • resolution of disputes over breach of provisions on payment of rent

  • acting in disputes over administration and maintenance of real estate

  • representation in disputes over security deposit refunds

Dispute resolution, litigation, mediation, arbitration

We represent our clients in the following disputes:

  • failures to pay rent

  • ​​failures to perform obligations

  • executions

  • evictions

  • construction defects

  • disputes over brokers’ commissions

  • breach of obligation of the trustee

  • actions for damages

  • actions for damages related to ownership title

  • administrative proceedings

We are experienced real estate lawyers who handle mediations, arbitrations and litigations as required.

Corporate law

Sale and purchase of companies

We guide our clients through the process of sale and purchase of businesses, whether they wish to sell the whole company or just some of its divisions, assets, shares or units, or whether they intend to merge with or acquire another entity.

Our services include:

  • due diligence
  • drafting and structuring of purchase agreements
  • participation in negotiations
  • representation in disputes
Disputes between partners, shareholders, competitors

Business co-ownership often entails a high risk of various legal disputes.

Business disputes include not only disputes between businesses, but also internal disputes between partners, shareholders or other parties within the company. Unless they are timely and properly resolved, these disputes may become extremely costly and even lead to an end of the business.

Our lawyers resolve external and internal business disputes, including the following:

  • disputes between partners and shareholders

  • unfair business practices

  • business frauds / embezzlements


  • court dissolution of business entities


  • disputes with the management

  • breach of obligation of the trustee

Corporate structure

The structure of a real estate and business transaction is essential to ensure the satisfaction of the expectations and interests of all parties involved, from developers to investors in shares or owners.

We offer a wide range of services in this area:

  • assistance in structuring of developer and investor entities

  • drafting of business plans

We have extensive experience with a great range of options available when choosing the relevant entity, including joint ventures, limited partnership companies, limited liability companies and other corporations. Each of these entities has many options to manage various financial, operational and tax objectives. These options need to be carefully considered in order to prevent future disputes.

Our history

We form a part of KLB Legal

The law firm KLB Legal was established in 2012 by the attorneys-at-law David Kuboň, Vojtěch Láska and Petr Budzinski. David and Vojtěch had many years of practice in international law firms and leading Czech investment banks. Petr was a top litigation lawyer with experience in real estate market and crisis management.

KLB Legal is a member of the international organisations Global Justice Network and League of Lawyers. We cooperate with law firms in many countries in Europe, Asia and USA, and we have hands-on experience with complex cross-border transactions.

KLB Legal Team

Some of our reference cases

Real estate

  • Representation of the purchaser – administrative and manufacturing compound in Prague 9 – purchase price of CZK 215,000,000
  • Consultation on the purchase of the historic monument of Vila Brno, and subsequent reconstruction of the building
  • Arranging for the purchase of land plots adjacent to the castle – Mladá Boleslav
  • Purchase of an administrative building in Prague 2 – real estate value of CZK 120,000,000
  • Consultation on the placement of advertising equipment on a building in Prague
  • Sale and subsequent division and clearance sale of a manufacturing compound in Šumperk
  • Legal advice on the purchase of land plots in Prague 9 in the value of CZK 90,000,000 and the subsequent lease of the land plots
  • Advice on the purchase of administrative building in Prague 4 – purchase price of CZK 164,000,000
  • More than 50 drafted purchase agreements and donation agreements, including creation of easements for persons other than entrepreneurs, in 2022
  • Sale of a castle in the district of Tábor
    Consultation on the purchase and reconstruction of a building in Prague – Vinohrady
  • Purchase of an administrative building in Prague 5
  • Sale of real estate in bankruptcy or execution proceedings, the total value of the real estate as at 2022 exceeded CZK 2 billion
  • Purchases of individual residential units in Prague – západ, Prague 1, Prague 4 and Prague 5 for both business and other purposes
  • Eviction of non-residential premises in Prague – Olšany
    Sale of the right of superficies in Ostrava
  • Consultations on the purchase of receivables secured by real estate, and their subsequent sale – the whole of the Czech Republic, the volume of the assessed receivables exceeded CZK 10 billion

Corporate law

  • Review of subject-matters of general meetings, calculation of options for distribution of dividends
  • Participation and representation of shareholders at general meetings of regulated entities, preparation of documents
  • Representation before courts in disputes between members, shareholders and company management, and actions for damages caused to the company, in the total value of CZK 300 million
  • Representation of shareholders in squeeze-outs by majority shareholder, e.g. O2, CETIN, Unipetrol and others
  • Negotiating agreement between shareholders of a major car manufacturer
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements for development projects in Prague
  • Liquidation of companies – more than 150 successfully completed liquidations as at 2022
  • Preparation of the reorganization plan of a paper manufacturer
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings prior to the filing of petition for bankruptcy, and representation of creditors in the course of the bankruptcy proceedings
  • Due diligence of cooperative savings banks
  • Assessment of investment in a start-up company – sale of medicines
  • Assessment of investment in a company regulated by the Czech National Bank – provision of consumer loans

How much will our services cost you?

Before we provide you with any legal services, we will explain what we can do for you and in what time horizon, and we will always tell you the rates for our legal services, including the agreement on maximum reward, if applicable, and the manner in which you will be informed about the provided legal services and the statement of costs.